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Welcome to my little corner on the internet,

I am Vipul Gupta 👋

Thoroughly reads, meticulously documents, and continuously automates,
The docs site of a traveling software engineer & cheesecake enthusiast.

The Good Stuff

Little about me

I am a product owner with 5+ years of experience building hard-tech IoT applications, documentation, and communities in the open.

I create highly scalable, reliable applications in Node.js/Typescript for resource-constrained environments. Deploying them using efficient multi-arch Docker builds, and CI/CD pipelines built with Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, etc. My diverse experience comes from significant efforts in product development, release engineering, developer relations, and customer success.

I bring a strong sense of ownership, with my own brand of "firestarter" energy, to any collective I join. I practice first principles thinking, feel comfortable wearing multiple hats, and drive teams to achieve results in every organization I have worked for.

Open-source has been a major part of my life. For that reason, I help organize PyCon India, mentor college students with ALiAS, and work with several FOSS meetup groups in my city.

Currently, I am a product owner & documentation lead at Balena. I run Mixster, an initiative to "right" the docs and build scalable content pipelines for startups and organizations. I am always on the lookout for new challenges at the intersection of product, people, and code.